06 Dec

Wire is live!


WireTM launches in December 2014. It is a fresh take on communication praised for its beauty of design and seamless integration across a spectrum of platforms. It features messaging, voice calls, images and media sharing.

At the time of the launch, I had been working on this project for 13 months. My role in this project is that of a C++/Objective-C developer focused the internal synchronization library used by the iOS and OSX clients.

04 Nov

InkscapeMap 0.10 released

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 22.59.46InkscapeMap is an open source software to create HTML imagemap or just extract coordinates (think PHP GD libraries) from SVGs created with Inkscape. It is a one-man open source project developed in my free time in Java.

I’ve just uploaded a new version supporting Bezier curves and circles/ellipses. Starting with this version 0.10, the license has been changed to the more permissive MIT license.

The project (including the full source code and unit tests) can be found at theĀ SourceForge Inkscapemap page. Here are the the OpenHUB statistics. Apparently, it’s also featured in Softpedia.